Video Player Interface

12/09/2012 Posted in Media Players

Video Player Interface

If you want your website to create an impact on its users’ minds, make sure to make its design impressive, creative, visible and easily accessible to them. All these factors make a good navigation experience for users. If you want to explore a fine example of this, take a look at the Free Video Player Interface (PSD). And this holds true whether you design any game interface, a software application, a website or anything that depends on user engagement.

In order to make your design useful, you need to analyze the nature of your project well so that all the necessary ingredients can be decided well. For instance, a video based website needs a well-crafted video player interface. Since this is the primary element of your website theme, you cannot afford to take it casually. The basic features that are required in any media player interface are – play / pause button, progress bar and volume control. 

In this interface, you will get all the necessary features of a basic media player.

Why Use Free Video Player Interface (PSD)?

Using this video player is highly recommended as it has stunning features, as stated below:

  • This video player is custom designed.
  • It contains a fully editable layered PSD file so that you can alter its size and other elements based on the theme of your site.
  • The player is available with a snapshot of popular movie as a sample.

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