Super Purty Player

12/09/2012 Posted in Media Players

Super Purty Player

A Super Purly Player is designed to provide easy navigability to the control panel for any audio or video presentation device so that the users can easily adjust various parameters of the presentation. These players have made the present day gadgets more user-friendly with an improved getup which is more professional as well as sleeker.

Different types of Super Purly Players:

  • Navigation Tabs: This type of super purly player comes in the form of different navigation tabs, each of which denotes a specific parameter. The user has to select a particular tab that corresponds to a certain parameter to bring any change to it.
  • Buttons Rounds: In this type, the tabs come as individual buttons which are colorful enough to provide a smooth and refreshing look to the panel. Each button reflects a certain parameter which can be changed by simply clicking on the buttons.
  • Bold and Colorful Player: These are set of parallel bars, each of which represents a specific parameter and when adjusted, it is denoted by change in color.

These different types of super purly players not only provide improved navigability to the systems by making them more user-friendly and illustrative but also contribute significantly to their getup, making them look more sleek and colorful.

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