Slick Video Player

12/09/2012 Posted in Media Players

Slick Video Player

Thanks to the new technology available, a sleek video player is complete with all the advanced state-of-the-art features that enable it to play H264 video files (like .mov, .flv, and .mp4 files) and  all-the-too familiar RTMP streams.

Features of modern sleek video players

  • The navigation and control panel disappears automatically in the background to ensure that the viewer can enjoy watching the video with hardly any hassle whatsoever.
  • The customary lay and pause button of the slick video player can be activated by a single click on the button that is located on the control panel.
  • The progress bar can be dragged to fast forward or can be rewinded to change the status of a video clipping at ease and this will not interfere with the flow of the video in any way.
  • There are auto-hide controls which do not require any interaction or interference of the mouse.
  • The volume bar (both vertical as well as horizontal) will help the viewer to control the volume if and when needed, at ease.
  • The application of the sleek video payer uses an user interface that is clutter-based and is designed to facilitate playing videos with controls being displayed in an overlay that is semi-transparent. The overlay uses an auto-hide option along with a seek bar which delivers a thumbnail preview for a particular mark within the video.
  • For the menu, the users can use  an AppMenu instead of a customary menu bar

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