Event Website Design Template

A meeting or a conference is no longer a closed-door event and something that is available only for “elite”. Nowadays you don’t even need to desperately seek through various specific forums or bulletin boards in order to find a proper seminar, thanks to Internet everything is on the surface. Unlike in previous years, today the promotional campaign of conference/meeting not only ends with social media, majority of respectable events have its own websites and even mobile applications.

If you fully understand all the importance of such type of publicity then you come into a right place. Our fantastic event website template will provide you with everything you need to effective promotion. Of course, the serious yet refined design jazzed up with flat style suggests more businesslike approach, so if you want to convey information in more traditional and professional manner it will perfectly carry out this work.

Event Website Template Features

The website is based on a vertical scrolling, so your data will be quickly approachable through a one page. The web developer wisely envisaged the possibility of online registration, equipping the site with a neat and clear sign up form. An elegant pricing table is appropriate for events with various prices. The slightly darken photo background on welcome section allows you to demonstrate alluring screenshots. In addition, there is a lot of free space for setting out details. As you can see, our event website template is mainly aimed to:

  • boost your traffic;
  • help to establish a consistent brand;
  • offer necessary information;
  • provide convenient ways for buying tickets
  • and of course, encourage users to visit the event