Clean Selector Thingy

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Clean Selector Thingy

A Clean Selector Thingy is a slider that is generally used in control panels to adjust various parameters of a presentation – be it video or audio. These are designed in Photoshop and other high end software and are implemented on websites using HTML.

Various types of clean selector thingies

  • Clean selector thingy that comes in the form of navigation tabs. These are standard thingies which come up with a number of tabs – each denoting a particular parameter and the user has to select them one by one as per the need.
  • Bold And Colorful player thingy – This particular thingy comes in the form of parallel bars which change colors as and when the levels of the parameters are changed or adjusted. This clean selector thingy is used in control panel of video and audio players.
  • Bright Notification thingy – These thingies are designed in the form of bright horizontal or parallel notifications of various colors, each denoting a particular parameter of a presentation. Certain types of thingies of this category are so designed that the color of the bars changes as per the variation in the parameters.

These colorful thingies not only have improved the getup of control panels, but have also significantly contributed to the usability of the same and have popularized various gadgets to a great extent.

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