Super Notifications

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Super Notifications

Super Notifications are certain elements which are designed and programmed to carry out certain actions which include execution of commands of the operating system (that includes scripts) as well as the PL & SQL procedures when incidents or events like files getting deleted or duplicate filing take place.

Features of Super Notifications

  • These notifications are programmed in such a way that the implementation is extremely easy. Even running these notifications along with a program script is too easy so that it does not interface the main program.
  • These notifications are designed in an excellent way so as to make sure that the incoming alerts, while making you aware of any development does not actually come in the way of the principal programming code blocking its functionality.
  • Upon activating these notifications, the size of the notification banner is not reduced. Rather, users can customize these notification banners to a specific size and shape for better viewing.
  • Various types of super notifications are now designed which are sleek as well as a visual treat for the users to make sure that even troubleshooting becomes fun (as these notifications are generally associated with some eventuality which might not always be pleasant)


These notifications are inseparable elements of management framework and allow the users to automate various programming activities. For instance, in case of any eventuality like keeping a vigil on the operational status of a certain database the importance of super notifications becomes all the more pertinent. This is because these automatically raise an in-house ticket by using a typical OS script so that a technician can take care of the issue and resolve it at the earliest.


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