Rainbow Volume Knob

07/09/2013 Posted in Misc

Rainbow Volume Knob

The rainbow volume knob is our latest try to bring some cool designs for all website and web application designers. Integrating music players or media players to a website design can be really an interesting task as you would have to blend the design to the existing website or web application design. There have been instances of a music player’s volume knob or other icons not blending well with the design but there is no such problem with the rainbow volume knob.

You can download the PSD and make changes the way you desire as the entire design is layered. Play around with new colors to add a dash of your own designing elements to the basic design. You can use this design for both commercial as well as non-commercial purpose. This is one design that can easily fit into any website design without making too many tweaks. If you are using a large size music player then the rainbow volume knob would serve as the perfect match for a larger-than-life media player.

We have been keeping our enterprise of presenting new design elements for designers who are looking to tread on the lesser-beaten tracks. The Rainbow Volume Knob is one such design that takes the less-beaten path of designing and creates a design that is not only high on creativity but also soothing to the eyes. Download and enjoy the PSD of one of the most innovative designs ever by our team!

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