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Nowadays, a ‘Coming Soon’ page design is also given much importance like any content-based web page. This page is created with the purpose to inform visitors about the forthcoming products, services and applications. Among the new versions of under construction/ coming soon page, Soonish PSD /HTML template is quite popular.

Since a Coming Soon page is the first page of your online project that visitors get to see, you have to make sure that it is impressive and perfect. If its design is attractive and interesting, a visitor can bookmark your page or subscribe to it to receive forthcoming information. To be precise, you can use this page effectively to build a relationship with your target group about the new product, service or application.

Why Use Soonish PSD /HTML?

There are various reasons as to why this template is advocated for use. These include:

  • Soonish is an HTML based coming soon/ countdown page with a clean and impressive design.
  • It includes a complete PSD and HTML/CSS package.
  • This template features a palette of 10 pre-defined colors. If you want, you can use these colors as these are available. Or, you can also customize these to suit the theme and mood of your web design as the template is based on PSD and CSS format.
  • When you use this template, you can set the countdown with ease just by typing the chosen month, date and month.

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