iPhone 5 GUI v2

17/09/2012 Posted in Misc

iPhone 5 GUI v2

IPhone platform is quite popular among the internet users since it allows them to develop app designs even with very little knowledge of programming. The iPhone 5 GUI v2 apps available in the internet are completely scalable and save a lot of time in your designing projects. Due to the systematic approach of designing the most innovative apps, iPhone have gained tremendous popularity across the globe. The GUI apps are developed in such a way that it attract and appeal millions of users in this world. This unbeatable popularity has triggered the developers to deliver a huge success of releasing the iPhone 5 version series. The iPhone interfaces have some of the excellent GUI elements that are mostly vector based.

Usually, it could be a challenging job to develop creative website designs and the developers of iPhone 5 GUI v2 offer a comprehensive collection of UI elements that comes in a variety of styles and color variations. By using this application, not only does your website look attractive but also the content part becomes quite informative since every element of this app is perfect.

Features of iPhone 5 GUI v2

  • Status Bar (Grey)
  • Title Bar (Blue or Black)
  • Title Bar buttons
  • Icon bar
  • Safari Text Box
  • Safari Radio Buttons
  • Safari Pulldown Menu
  • Arrow Icons, Checkmark & Safari check boxes
  • Switches, Buttons & Selectors
  • Notifications
  • Keyboard

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