Growl Notification Style

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Growl Notification Style

Notification means getting a snapshot of a particular content in a website when some changes or alterations are made to it. At times, you would definitely require a notification when some content is replaced or altered in your site such as a web link, picture, contents in a web page, report, etc. Though there are many services available online, Growl Notification Style is an application that enables the users to know if any changes have been made to their favorite website. All your notification preferences are centralized in one place which means you would have complete control over them wherever you are.

There are many themes available with Growl and you can choose the one depending on your requirements and can also customize as you wish. You also have an option to turn off the notifications. The important services offered by Growl are to display the specific alterations made to the site and also you have an option to stipulate the type of modifications you require.

Benefits of using Growl Notification Style

  • Growl can inform you about the modifications that occur in your applications even when you are not before your PC.
  • Due to prompt notifications, you would be able to maintain a good relationship with your clients and customers which would bring in more profits.
  • It could be easily installed and also easy to use in any type of browsers.

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