Weather and Time

06/09/2013 Posted in Misc

Weather and Time

It has been an interesting trend recently to include a variety of new applications to websites and even web applications. We too are trying to create new design for the advanced applications that are being incorporated into the designs. In our enterprise to provide new designs we are introducing the Weather Time design that can be used in websites that have the feature included. The design has been created indigenously by our team, which is now experimenting with the design of various widgets.

Weather time is a fully downloadable PSD design that can be used in its original form. The design can also be changed in accordance with the design needs. The layered PSD facilitates quick and deep changes to the design of the weather time widget. The design can be used for both commercial as well as non-commercial purpose. You can use it to design your customer’s website or use it for your personal creations.

We are creating new widget design every alternate day and presenting them to our followers. If you too are eager to use our designs then you can download the hot favorite weather time widget design and blend it with your website design.

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