Newsletter Pop-Up

29/12/2012 Posted in Misc

Newsletter Pop-Up

If you are a designer and have been designing newsletter pop ups for quite some time then you must have got tired of doing up the same old classic design. It is really worrying when one fails to register a better design for the same thing every now and then. Well, it is time to stop worrying and take a look at one of the coolest designs for e-mail newsletter pop ups that can be put to great commercial use.

This is free stuff and all you would have to do is download the psd design and get going! E-mail newsletter pop up is a very important element of any commercial website that wants it visitors to subscribe to the latest news, releases and special offers from the company. The form allows the visitors to fill in their email details and click on the subscribe button. In order to save your valuable time trying to think about some cool designs, we present to you a template that can be customized according to your design requirements.

Some of the features that make this email newsletter psd even more attractive are as follows:

  1. Easy and authentic design
  2. A whole new style and color usage
  3. Simple yet elegant design
  4. A fully customizable psd format

I guess you do not need to wait for Christmas to savor this design goody – just click on the download link and enjoy!

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