Magnifying Loupe

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Reading texts in small font or looking at small images could be a difficult task in a website and the Magnifying Loupe is a web based tool that allows you to magnify the web elements, any screenshots or images in a website that needs more zooming.

This tool has become significantly popular these days as it enables you to enlarge the particular design that needs special attention. With the help of this option, you can either zoom in or zoom out on the various elements depending on your requirements. When you place the cursor on the position of the loupe, it automatically magnifies the required part of the web design.

Not all browsers allow the visitors to use the zooming options or increase the text size since there are too many limitations associated with it. However, with the help of the Magnifying Loupe tool, you can get a better visual accessibility on the various web elements in a website. This option greatly enhances an image or a web design and can be used in various situations in a website.

Important Benefits of Magnifying Loupe

  • This tool allows you to enlarge any smaller image or web element and enables you to focus on the required field.
  • Offers an easy view of larger documents or pages.
  • By increasing the magnification, it reduces the eye strain and even suits visual impairments.
  • Highly magnified texts or objects allow easy readability.
  • You can access even complex web pages by choosing small headings and links.

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