Hire Me Sign

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Hire Me Sign

Top-ranked resources of PSD Free design & Killer WordPress themes have brought out new generations of sign language that has made modern web pages (both personal as well as official) look more innovative. Hire me sign is a very popular one amongst these. These signs are generally used by those who are looking for online jobs or jobs via internet.

Different types of ‘Hire Me’ signs

More and more designers are coming up with this innovative sign and hence it is quite difficult to describe all types of signs that are used. Yet, let us discuss some of the vector illustration hire me signs that are frequently used nowadays.

  • Certain signs are designed on blocks or placards which are held up by a person and this clearly shows that a person needs jobs. The placards can be held up in front to show the sigh off
  • This depicts the restlessness of the individual in search of a job and hence carries a somewhat artistic flavor with it.
  • Yet another very popular type of hire me sign depicts a set of alien figures with raised hands desperately asking for something and one of them holding a piece of wrinkled paper with the text written by pen on it. This depicts the atmosphere of joblessness that is prevailing all over and is apt in the present scenario of extreme scarcity of jobs.

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