41 Social Media Icons

12/09/2012 Posted in Icons

41 Social Media Icons

The latest set of 41 social media icons from Pixel Media are designed in an amazing way to provide more navigability to the already immensely popular social media sites.

Here are a few types of the new sets of social media icons.  

  • The star shaped media icons with a colorful 3D effect provide an ecstatic look to the social media sites not only by their sheer appearance but their looks. They are brightly colored with a shiny effect that enhances the look of the sites to a large extent.
  • Another set of icons which is included in the new set of 41 social media icons are smaller variants of the star shaped icons. With all the iPhone and mobiles all getting compatible with social media sites, these icons are exclusively designed to be used in those devices.
  • The free hand drawn set of icons, generally termed as Handycons are purposefully designed to provide an amateurish look to the sites as if they are designed by a kid by free hand drawing.
  • Then there comes the Leaves Fall icon set in which each icon is designed on a free falling leaf to provide a unique look to the site.

Free Hand Doodle icon set in the new 41 social media icons set is exclusively designed for the bloggers and are devoid of any colors. They appear as if they are drawn by pen and this provides an elementary look o the icons that create the magic.

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