Unicons – Vector Icons Pack

12/09/2012 Posted in Icons

Unicons – Vector Icons Pack

Unicons – vector icons pack offers the graphic designers and web designers an enormous package of vintage as well as contemporary vector cliparts. All these cliparts can be obtained in CSH, SVG & EPS formats and are designed on various concepts – both medieval graphic arts as well as modern designs.

The various forms of icons that the users can use include themed icons and ribbons, heraldic beasts like eagle, horse, lion, dragon, griffin and so on, knights, flowers and floral curves, crowns, wings, various types weapons and armory, and a lot more that will provide a sort of a vintage feel to the websites.

Why Unicons – Vector Icons Pack?

In all, there are over 70 vector heraldic objects as well as graphics. Various Stock Graphic Designs of Unicons – vector icons pack include:

  • Heraldy Fashion T-Shirt Designs, Heraldy Free Vectors, Heraldic Vector Clipart, Sketchy Heraldy, Free Vector Vintage Emblem, Heraldic Vector Shields Pack, Modern Style Heraldry Vector, Classic Heraldry Designs, Classic Heraldry Variety Pack, Heraldic Shield Emblems, Heraldry and Flourishes, Shield and Wing Free Vector Graphics, Heraldry Vector Art, Medieval Knight on Horseback in Armor, Medieval Vector: Armor & Weapons Decorative Graphic, Heraldry Crest Emblem with Crown, Trident, Cornucopia and Cross.
  • Besides, various colorful vectors icons set the mood of various types of websites in accordance with their mood and type of subject the sites are dealing in. Not only the vector icons set the mood of the subject the sites deal.

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