50 New Flat UI Design Icons

06/09/2013 Posted in Icons

50 New Flat UI Icons

UI icons form a very important part of every website and web application design. Icons can be anything from a social media icon to an email message icon. These icons are embedded in the designs to facilitate easy access to a variety of features offered by the website or the web application. We have been creating some of the most interesting design icons in the past few days and continuing that tradition, we bring to you the 50 new flat UI icons.

This time we have used the flat style of designing to create some alluring UI icons that can be used for both the commercial as well as non-commercial projects. The pack of 50 new flat UI icons is available in the PNG format and can be directly incorporated in the website or web application design. We have been releasing icon designs for the past few months but have never stepped it up to this level. The flat UI designs have all the elements of the latest UI designs that are in vogue. You can download and use these icons for creating some awesome designs and set new standards in your web designing endeavor.

Download the 50 new flat design UI icons to carry on the trend of flat design. The philosophy of flat design has been followed till the last letter while creating the icons.  We have got immense support for all our Flat design projects and we really hope that everyone shares the same appreciation for our team after working with these 50 new flat UI icons.

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