vCard Minisite

11/09/2012 Posted in Misc

vCard Minisite

Human-beings are social by nature and when two or more individuals meet either face-to-face or through some platform, personal data is interchanged between them. This exchange of one’s own data can be for business or personal use. In this process, individuals share information like address, telephone number, business card, time and date of appointment.

This exchange of personal information has been augmented with electronic medium such as vCard so that communication can take place quickly, reliably and more efficiently. In essence, you can say that vCard Minisite is an online hub, which focuses entirely on you.

Why Use vCard Minisite?

The use of these electronic business cards is highly recommended for several reasons. These are:

  • You can use this business card to fill in the empty space in your personal domain, which may form a part of your hosting package.
  • You can replace the huge ‘about me’ sections on your blog and portfolios with this card.
  • You can create this card to make yourself easily accessible to those who belong to the same network as you including personal details.
  • You don’t have to spend much time and money to get this card.

However, the design and concept of vCard Minisite has changed today a bit as it may not be just one-page long. With advanced techniques, these virtual business cards can be scrolled up and down to go through all the content that otherwise remains hidden.

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