Tiny Icons

12/09/2012 Posted in Icons

Tiny Icons

Different types of graphical user interface (GUI) elements are used in web designs. Each element has a unique role and purpose to fulfill in order to make your site successful.

Nowadays, both big and small icons are incorporated into the designs based on the website theme and available space.

Big icons are much preferred because these look eye-catchy and have a strong presence on the site. However, it should be noted that big icons need sufficient space to be accommodated well.

Also, if there are many other elements in a design, you cannot perhaps afford to use the big ones. As an alternative to these, you can use Tiny Icons in your site.

These can easily fit into most of the designs and offer greater functionality. When you use these icons, you don’t have to bother about including any text or complex design as well.

Why Use Tiny Icons?

There are many reasons as to why you are recommended to mix these icons with your designs. These include:

  • These can be incorporated in any design with ease.
  • These are descriptive yet simple in designs.
  • These don’t require any text support.
  • These icons offer excellent user navigation experience.
  • These are pixel perfect and vectorized which essentially means you can resize these icons based on the requirement of your project.
  • These can be downloaded for free for both personal and commercial use.

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