Sale/Discount Badge

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Sale/Discount Badge

The modern sale and discount badges that are available today are designed with the help of vector illustration and can be scaled to any form and size without interfering with the resolution and losing some of it. These badges are downloaded as .eps files. A sale/discount badge provide innovative concept of shopping.

Advantages of using these sale and discount badges

  • A sale/discount badge can be expressive and enables the designer to provide all the information regarding a particular scheme or offer in a consolidated yet interesting way. As a result, customers are enticed and lured to take a look at the details of the offer.
  • Various sets or levels of badges can be designed and this increases the number of options, a designer can choose from.
  • Big signs of sale or a particular offer with letters in catchy colors against contrasting color backgrounds enhance the visibility and attract customers.
  • Designs exclusively made for specific occasions or festivals like winter white labels vector sets that are designed exclusively for Christmas are largely popular amongst the designers.
  • Even Vector vintage shopping labels announcing discount offers are also available to provide the websites a vintage look.
  • These badges come up with contemporary modern labels and price tags and banners.
  • Modern price tags and levels sometimes provide an exquisite look to an ordinary looking website.

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