Polaris UI Kit

02/02/2013 Posted in UI Kits (Free)

Polaris UI Kit

Polaris User Interface Pack has been specifically designed to cater to the growing demands of more user interfaces after our previous release. The components are simple yet beautiful and it includes the following: Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Edit Boxes, Page Navigation, Buttons, Menu, etc. This kit can be put to use to create any of your designing projects and if you are a newbie itching to learn what creates a great UI design then you have a free opportunity to learn the same.

Getting a website or app design is a very creative process and a little help with the flat designs would provide the perfect boost to your design. You would not only be able to use the Polaris Free User Interface Pack but also take designing cues from it and create a completely new design for your project. Thus, there is a creative liberty while you decide whether to use or just take inspiration from our UI pack.

If you desire, you can use all the components in your design or create a completely new one. Polaris UI can be used to design both websites as well as mobile applications. All the components in the UI Pack have been designed in PSD (Adobe Photoshop) by the use of Vector Elements (Shape Layers). Thus, you can easily make changes to the size of the components without hampering the image quality.

The Polaris User Interface Pack is absolutely free, even if you are using for your commercial project.

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