Icons by Luke Spoor

12/09/2012 Posted in Icons

Icons by Luke Spoor

Having a collection of icons is a great asset for any website designer. Icons are most commonly used nowadays because these act as a value-addition to any website design. Different types of icon sets are available there and the ones which are being much talked about in the virtual world today are Icons by Luke Spoor.

No matter whether you have small or large empty space on your webpage, you can always fill that up by placing a beautiful icon. However, icons are a type of call-to-action interface. You cannot just incorporate these into your website to fill up a blank space. These have to be used with a purpose – to symbolize an action that a user can perform to fulfill a desired task.

Hence, when you use an icon on your website irrespective of the space it can fit into, make sure to check if it serves your aim. You can create icons on your own and if there is a shortage of time, then opt for online resources.

Why Use Icons by Luke Spoor?

You can select icons from this pack for your web design for many reasons, as given below:

  • The set features a beautiful collection of 40 different types of icons.
  • The icons are quite modern.
  • Based on PSD format, these icons are pixel perfect.

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