Glossy UI kit

17/12/2012 Posted in UI Kits (Free)

UI Kit is an indispensable part of any website design if you want to create winning websites that have the correct blend of looks and features. Glossy UI kits contain website designing elements like buttons, sliders, menus, sub menus, audio and video players, icons etc. The glossy design adds a great shine to the already existing background images, patterns and textures. You can add these without having to worry too much about the layout or structure of the website. The best part about this website designing UI kit is that you are able to get it absolutely free of cost. Just download the UI Kit and get ready to design the dream websites for your customers.

Created with the sole ambition of accentuating the design of a website, the glossy UI design Kit justifies its name to the last letter.  The dimension and placing is absolutely perfect. The navigation and player separators are just perfectly arranged to add a new dimension to the already existing design elements on the website. The color too is soothing and there is a sense of class in every element added in the UI Kit.

Some of the winning features of the Glossy UI Kit are as follows:

  • Glossy design that does justice to the name
  • A design that could be used almost on any website
  • Soothing color combination
  • A great way to override the background images
  • Styling that speaks volume about the creativity

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