Darky Navigation

12/09/2012 Posted in Menus

Darky Navigation

Darky Navigation is a set of navigation panel mechanisms that are used in various devices to adjust various parameters of a presentation.

The features of this type of navigation bar is almost similar to those of others with the only difference being that these are designed over a dark frame to provide a somewhat different look to the control panel.

Different types of Darky Navigation used are described below

  • One is the usual Navigation Tab which appears with a number of tabs, each denoting a particular parameter of a presentation (video or audio). This is a somewhat straight forward navigation style devoid of any color that provides a serious tone to the system.
  • Then there is Button Round darky navigation system that comes in the form of individual LED (Light emitting diode) buttons against a dark panel in which each button denotes a parameter and by clicking it, the users can change the parameter.
  • Bold and Colorful navigation system consists of a number of bars that run parallel and horizontally against a dark backdrop. The bars keep¬† changing colors when the parameters status is changed.
  • As the status is changed, the dials change colors against a dark backdrop that makes the control panel look sleek and catchy.

All these navigation systems, apart from face-lifting the look of the control panel improve the navigability that helps the users even if they are not very tech savvy.

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