Classic Grey Psd Web UI Set

Classic Grey PSD Web UI Set has of late become extremely popular amongst the web & graphic designers. The elements of these user interfaces are unbelievably helpful for the designers thanks to the various features the UI set comes up with.

Why these User Interfaces are so popular?

  • The primary reason of the popularity of Classic Grey PSD Web UI Set is the presence of increased number of elements which undoubtedly augments the look of a website. For example, the grayness UI kit, the light UI PSD and the Spring GUI, blue & white GUI kit, the small UI set, the orange interactive UI elements, the bloom kit, the website GUI elements, are examples of some extremely useful UI sets.
  • The other regular features of these UI sets include various stylish elements which help to facelift the look of the websites. These features, which include various types of select boxes and text fields, different shapes of radio buttons and checkboxes with a submit button enhance the look of the site besides making browsing exceedingly easy even for those who are browsing for the first time.
  • The button as well as the PSD menu can even be down loaded if you need to use them. The drop down & standard button sets will help you in dark button navigation as well as simple tabbed navigation.
  •  There is a progress bar that changes color and audio and video player PSD like audio/video interface control panels that make these UI perfect for music pages.

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