Caramel UI – Free User Interface Kit

Graphics is all about experiments and when experimenting comes to a standstill, web designs become monotonous and visitors start disliking websites. Graphic interface is the only thing that creates the first impression in the mind of the visitors and if it fails to do so then the site is no better than trash. A good UI is required to guide the visitors through the website content and helps them use the website to their advantage.  A creative and beautiful often becomes the deciding factor when visitors are comparing two websites or application. Creating a set of high quality UI elements that can be edited according to one’s need is what a designer looks to acquire. The designers are able to create and design quick layouts or prototypes by using the UI elements that have been designed earlier.

Caramel UI free user interface kit allows the designer the great window of opportunity to access high quality designs. The fully customizable psd UI design kit can prove to be a great asset for designers who are trying to make a mark for themselves. A list of the cool features that this UI kit offers are as follows:

  • Set of innovative designs for buttons, opt in boxes, sliders etc
  • Good combination of a digital design
  • Remarkable use of shadow effect
  • Navigation are really a great designing result
  • Caramel color tends to blend well with almost any type of warm color website design

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