Basiliq - Freehand UI Kit

It is extremely satisfying to announce the launch of our Basillic Freehand UI Kit – one of our best Freehand UI kits till date! There is loyal fan-following of high quality freehand icons. There are website and mobile application designers who work with sketches or wireframes and for them the Basillic Freehand UI kit is nothing short of a X-Mas Gift.

It has been often seen that prototyping tools fail to produce great designs and designers end up repeating their own designs or copying someone else’s. This is the primary objective behind the creation of over 300 design elements that can be used specifically for the purpose of prototyping. You have a set of numerous handcrafted icons.

You are free to download and reuse them in any manner you wish. There are over 300 design elements that have been handcrafted to make your website and application designs even more alluring to your customers/clients. Resizing the icons or other components won’t hamper the image quality; hence, you can stop worrying about the same.

Go ahead with creative ventures as you have the liberty of using this extremely beautiful and quirky looking Freehand UI design components. There is always something new that you have to present to your customers and you can’t use the same prototyping techniques as the results would be the same old mundane designs. Give the Basillic Freehand UI kit a try to see it giving amazing results and the best thing is that it is completely free of cost.

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