Transparent UI Kit

04/12/2012 Posted in UI Kits (Free)

Transparent UI Kit

Website designing has taken a whole new turn with the introduction of transparent web design elements. Designers from all over the world are trying out these new designs to provide an extra edge to the website designs. They are using the transparent elements to rediscover the potential hidden in elements that were earlier sidelined.

If you are looking at innovative website designs then the transparent UI Kit would serve your purpose perfectly. You would be able to feature the background images, patterns and texture with the UI fitted perfectly atop them. The transparent design does not take away the charm of the background image, pattern and texture. This is a free UI kit which contains layer styles, boxes, buttons, icons, log in forms, web boxes and many other styles and patterns.

Using the psd of this UI KIT offers unique advantages in the form of innovative styling associated with the latest website designing standards. You are going to provide a great reason to your customers and clients to be overwhelmed with your designing skills and prowess. Expect applause from all quarters as the transparent UI Kit provides a definite new styling to your existing websites as well as the new designs where you are going to incorporate it.

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