50 Glyphs Icons

26/09/2013 Posted in Icons

50 Glyphs

Icons are an important part while creating high quality website or web application designs. Icon is the only element that harmonizes the elements of a design and carries the designing endeavor forward. Icons are used to create links to different internal and external pages and they need to be very clearly visible. A clean icon design is a must when you are working out a design for web application or commercial. You can take inspiration from our 50 Glyphs icons to create high-quality attractive designs.

Our set of 50 Glyphs icons is available in PNG as well as PSD format. The 50 Glyphs icons can be downloaded and used in their original forms. You can even customize the icons according to your designing needs as all the icons are layered. Tweak these icons and use them to create some great designs for your customers. The 50 Glyphs icons contain most of the frequently used icons and you need not have to search for any while designing a website.

We have tried to present a series of icon designs to create icon sets that would help designers find and use any type of icons for their website designs. Our icon sets will be acting as a guiding tool and repository for anyone who wants to enhance their designing skills.

Here are a few features that make the 50 Glyphs icons really unique:

  • Customizable designs
  • Can bed downloaded for free of cost
  • These icons fit into any type of design schemes
  • All the icons can be individually used as both the PSD and PNG files are available

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