As the name implies, the website template is aimed to provide necessary instruments for those who want to briefly but effectively familiarize users with its innovative product and, as a consequence, actively promote it. This minimal page layout – that is made with flat style in mind – is the perfect option for fulfilling such purposes due to numerous reasons, for example:

Website Template Features

  • it will shed a light only on necessary stuff, without diverting customers’ attention from the main points;
  • the horizontal stripe layout gives the website a well-organized appearance, making it easy and quickly to scan;
  • the well-thought-out color differentiation perfectly separates one functional section from another, clearly highlighting the structure;
  • the nifty flat style adds a note of subtlety and sense of modernity, making the website look trendy and stylish;
  • the rigid grid allows unobtrusively demonstrating services or showing off skills, leaving enough whitespace for comfort reading;
  • the layout is quite universal, so it can be not only used as a front page for regular website but also it can be used as a standalone one-page website.

Although the site includes only 4 basic areas, they are quite sufficient for successfully displaying your merchandise. There are the content slider that is wisely placed on the top of the page, the service section that is properly structured, the promotion section that shows a list of features, and the footer that is intended to embrace the whole navigation and common set of essential outer links. So, putting this web template into action can bring a lot of benefits.