Magnolia – infographics elements pack is undoubtedly the most renowned pack that has come up with various elements of Infographics & Data Visualization. The pack contains more than 150 elements that can be used in creating various types of different infographics as well as visual elements.

Specialty of Magnolia Infographics

  • The unique feature of Magnolia – infographics elements pack is that all the elements have been designed and programmed in Photoshop by using various Shape Layers, which are commonly known as Vector Layers. This particular feature enables the users to adjust the sizes, angles, color, textures and various other features and parameters quite easily without having to deal with quality loss or distortion of the shapes of the elements.
  • The pack comes up with a set of elements such as Graphs and Charts, Diagrams and Lines, Tables, Shapes, Arrows and formats, Icons, Text, and a number of other elements.
  • The set of elements provide the users the chance to create a wide variety of presentations and reports, websites, advertisements and brochures, poster and any type of documents that help in data visualization.
  • It is an excellent package for the designers, data analysts, project managers, website designers, developers and other professionals who deal in huge quantity of data information and statistics regularly.
  • The users do not need to spoil much time in creating newer elements as virtually everything that they come across in the package is half-made. They only need to arrange elements as per their need.