Forms UI

17/09/2012 Posted in UI Kits (Premium)

Forms UI Add-on

Amazing user interface designs and functionality have been witnessed in the recent past and the trend is still going strong. However, this has definitely fired the expectations of users from their web designers. One such kit is Forms UI – User Interface Kit. Now all they want is a cool web design with high-end functionality without any complications.

As a designer, you have to ensure this by experimenting with different elements, no matter whether it’s a web form or anything else. As far as web input forms are concerned, continuous transformations are happening in this area because these are a vital part of most websites. Websites use personal contact forms, user registration forms, profile setting forms and so on. Since creating all these forms can consume a lot of your time, you should look for a readymade UI kit online that contains every variety of forms for all occasions. 

In this pack, you can find almost every type of forms, starting from order settlement forms, authorization forms, and flight search forms.

Why Use Forms UI – User Interface Kit?

This forms kit is advised for use for many reasons, as stated below:

  • In this pack, the components are created in PSD format and vector shapes.
  • Every component is stored in a folder.
  • The forms are styled in Helvetica Rounded and Proxima Nova fonts.
  • You can download this package from the internet with ease.