iOS 7 UI Kit

08/10/2013 Posted in UI Kits (Free)

iOS 7 UI Kit

UI kits are helpful bunch of designing cues that can be used by anyone to create high quality website and mobile application designs. iOS 7 UI Kit is another gift from our stable that would definitely help you create alluring iOS 7 based application design. We have included all the necessary components that feature in every iOS 7 based applications. Menus, buttons, icons, drop down menus etc. form the core of this UI kit and if you are looking forward to creating awesome application design then this would be the best source of inspiration for you.

iOS 7 UI Kit has been specifically designed to cater to the recent demand for iOS 7 applications. Every designer is trying out their best in creating new iOS 7 application designs and if you wish to stand out in the crowd then iOS 7 UI Kit is your best proposition. The extremely creative yet professional design components are going to work wonders for your design project as it exudes the right kind of vibe that makes a design successful and alluring.

Here are some of the significant features that come with the iOS 7 UI Kit:

  • Completely free and users do not need to pay anything for using the iOS 7 UI Kit
  • All the design components are available in PNG and PSD
  • Extremely flexible as the users can make changes to the original PSD according to their design needs
  • The latest icons and menus are included in the UI kit for making it highly relevant to the current iOS based application design

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