Google +1 Buttons

12/09/2012 Posted in Buttons

Google +1 Buttons

The choices are plenty when it comes to using an ideal graphical user interface element in a web design. Nowadays, New (Version 2) Google +1 Buttons (PSD) are in the buzz. If you want, you can explore these. These elements play an integral role in enhancing the overall look and functionality of your website.

Today, you will see that of all the elements available on the internet social media buttons are very much in trend. These buttons are incorporated into web designs and blogs for many reasons. One is that social networking sites have become a part and parcel of users’ life today. These platforms help them connect and widen their reach to a large number of friends, followers and so on.

Second is that since users are quite regular on these sites, they like to share interesting content including posts and images with the people in their network to be acknowledged as an important source of information and to create influence. Hence, it makes sense to include popular social media buttons in a website.

Why Use New Google +1 Buttons (PSD)?

Using the new version of Google +1 Buttons will be a great idea as these are packed with numerous features, as discussed below:

  • These buttons are safe and secure to add to any web design.
  • The design and look of these buttons is great.
  • Their PSD format ensures for you an easy download experience.

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