Dark Subtle Patterns

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Dark Subtle Patterns

The dark subtle patterns are designed in a perfect way to provide a somewhat complete look to the web backgrounds. These patterns are really handy when it comes to filling the backgrounds. These patterns generally come in .pat files as well as jpg for quick rendering.

Types of dark subtle patterns

  • There is a certain dark pattern that blends contemporary style with retro pattern in a highly professional way providing a gorgeous effect to the texture. These dark (generally black) patterns often come with a typical metallic pattern that creates a soft contrast.
  • Another dark pattern that is generally used by the designers creates a broken-up effect with the help of tone-by-tone floral pattern. The effect is highly subtle, and hence it still provides that feeling of a concrete black background to the web page.
  • Sometime a change in the sheen is also brought to provide a break up effect to an otherwise rock solid dark background.
  • Another genre of dark subtle patterns is solid yet broken up in the pattern of branches of a giant white tree. However, it’s a larger looking pattern which is fit for websites which do not have much to show off and are neat and clean and devoid of too much menus and sub menus.
  • There are certain educational websites, especially related to kids which are apt for a certain dark pattern that comes with a chalkboard like effect.
  • Again, the grasscloth pattern provides a neutral look to the websites. Black grasscloth effect is a bold looking pattern that adds a somewhat subtle texture to the website.

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