Colorful UI

27/09/2012 Posted in UI Kits (Free)

Colorful UI

Designing a website is quite a hectic task as it involves intense planning and execution. Sometimes, lack of time and budget also tends to add extra pressure. A fine example of this is the Colorful UI. In such a scenario, it gets difficult to finish it within a set deadline. However to help designers overcome this issue, readymade graphical user interface (GUI) files have been uploaded online.

Most of these readily available files are free for use, with an exception of a few with premium quality. If you are running out of time or budget, consider using these online resources. These are both helpful and useful. If you want only one element for your website at the moment, for instance – a button or check box, simply focus your search on any of this. However, if you need a collection of these, then consider exploring UI kits which carry an assortment of these.

Why Use Colorful UI?

You are recommended to explore this UI kit for different reasons, as mentioned below:

  • This pack contains an excellent assortment of web elements including search box, buttons, tags, avatar, check boxes, switches/toggles, tooltip and scrollbars.
  • The kit is created in PSD format to enable you to edit it according to your website theme.
  • You can get this kit free from the internet.

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