Code Editor Design

20/09/2013 Posted in Misc

Code editor design is one of the path breaking designs that has been created by us and now you too can use it for your designing projects. If you are intending to create a cool code editor then we are sure you would like to have a look at the step by step tutorial that we are providing. Yes, this time we are not giving you the PSD and in fact we are providing you with a detailed designing project that you can cherish for long.

Code editors are an essential part of all programmers around the world and they are used for writing down simple HTML codes to complex Java codes. Now, it need not be that all code editors look drab and boring; they can be interesting and cool looking too. This is the primary reason why we took up the project of showing a complete step by step designing procedure to create a cool looking editor.

This tutorial packs in the following advantages:

  • Code editor design has the fully customizable appeal to it as you can make changes to the deign as and when you require
  • Designer would get an insight into how we design and the designing style that we follow
  • Designers would also see the exact procedure needed to create an interesting design without needing to follow the old beaten track
  • Users can alternatively request for PSDs

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