Blue Slide

11/09/2012 Posted in Sliders

Blue Slide

The graphical user interface (GUI) in websites embodies different types of interaction and structure based elements. These elements are integrated within a website to enhance its beauty and functionality. The structure elements consist of window, menus, icons, tabs and controls, while the interaction elements comprise cursor, pointer etc.

Both these sets of elements are important for a rich user experience. Nowadays, many designers are focused on using control interface in their websites. The reason behind this is that control interface creates a scope for interaction between the user and the website. That’s why you will find that check box, buttons, radio buttons and hyperlinks are widely being used in the designs.

Why Use Blue Slide?

This slider control has huge demand in the online arena compared to other sliders with different styles and designs. If you want, you can also incorporate this into your web design. It is recommended for various reasons:

  • This design of this slide control gives it a gradient and textured feel which can add to the beauty of your website.
  • It is horizontal and has amazing color.
  • Since it is created on PSD format, you can adjust and edit it with ease.
  • This slider can be downloaded hassle-free.

The blue slide GUI enables user to adjust the control in a finite range on the website so that it can generate a desired response for him/ her. This control element is well-designed and can efficiently filter out the search results.

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