Author Buttons

12/09/2012 Posted in Buttons

Author Buttons

As the name suggests, author buttons are used to tag the names of the authors to the blogs or articles written by them. These are really wonderfully designed to provide an altogether artistic tinge to the websites, articles or blogs which might otherwise look somewhat dull and monotonous.

Why these buttons are used?

These buttons are specifically created by Photoshop and implemented by using HTML coding to set a certain mood to a particular website.

Different types of author buttons:

Let us discuss some types of buttons that are generally used:

  • Pinback Button: Pinback button or Writer pinback button is designed to provide a page a professional look. Devoid of colors and designed mainly in black and white these are used in official blogs and websites to provide a tone of ‘professional seriousness’ to the sites or the blogs
  • Simply. Madly Alice Button: This type of button is colorful and lustrous and is designed to provide a ‘feel good’  factor and light mood to the sites and blogs
  • Book club button: As the name suggests, this type of author button is used for e-books
  • Writer, “Ask me about my Book” and “I like my Big Books” buttons: As the names suggest, all these buttons are used typically for ebook sites and creative writing

Apart from these buttons there are typical buttons named after eminent writers like Edgar Allan Poe button or Jane Austen button for the sites that deal with typical types of write-ups likes thrillers or romantic dramas.

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