Square UI Free – User Interface Kit

Keeping in line with the flat design trend we bring to you a highly creative and gorgeous UI Kits. Our popular PSD User Interface Pack includes a set of pure and beautiful components that you can use for giving shape to your website designs, mobile apps and even hosted applications.

The new flat design is truly great and Square UI is completely in line with its design philosophy. These colorful components are simple yet powerful design elements that provide an extra edge to all your designing projects, be it a website or a mobile application.

The best thing about the Square UI User Interface kit is that you get Buttons, Menu Items, Video players and Text Edits absolutely free of cost! In order to make things really easy for you, we are presenting everything in color schemes that have been individually created for color swatches (.aco) and styles (.asl).

All the components are created in the form of Shape Layers and this is why Retina Display is an added benefit that you get with Square UI Free Interface Kit. Montserrat typeface has been used for the text elements; this awesome font can be easily downloaded from Google web fonts.

Our UI kits have been quite popular over the past few years and every new release is nothing short of a wonder. Expanded features and cool designs are part of all our releases.

We sincerely hope that you give our UI kit a try and in case you use it for any projects, we would love to have a look at it and share.

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