Nice Fat Ribbon

12/09/2012 Posted in Misc

Nice Fat Ribbon

The modern customizable ribbons that the modern websites quite often come up with are designed with Photoshop Documents (PSD). These PSD Ribbons are extremely handy when it comes to decorating websites and banners. Quite a number of these PSD ribbons are at present deigns to provide the banners as well as the websites an innovative looks.

Various types of ribbons in use:

Retro PSD Ribbons with a vintage look: This particular nice fat ribbon has a typical retro look that provides the website or banner a retro getup. The fonts that are associated with this type of ribbon and the style of presentation along with the color texture add to that vintage look.

Classic PSD Ribbon set: As the name suggests, this nice fat ribbon set is designed to provide a classic look to the banner as well as the website. These ribbons are devoid of innovative colors and are generally associated with basic colors that add to the simple yet gorgeous look to the banners and the websites.

Elegant PSD Ribbon for Menu

As the name suggests this type of nice fat ribbon is extremely elegant and is used to design the menu bar of a webpage. The innovative getup of the ribbon provides a distinctive look to the banner as well as the website.

Other ribbons include fancy ribbons, green pack ribbons, little red ribbons, V2 ribbons PSD sale level ribbons and so on.

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