Facebook Toggles

12/09/2012 Posted in Switches

Facebook Toggles

Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites is incomplete with its toggles. Facebook would never have been the same without these toggles which provide an altogether new meaning to the files and images that are uploaded. These Facebook Toggles definitely provide an extra edge to the Facebook pages and help in online communication and sharing the views of the members of the Facebook community.

Features that make these Toggles so special

  • When majority of the toggles come up with graphic images to enhance the social networking sites, Facebook Toggles are simple text which readily expresses the view taken by a particular member regarding a file that is uploaded.
  • These toggles are short but are too much expressive which helps the users to express their views without any difficulty.
  • “Like it”, “Do you like it?”, “Whoop”, “Simply Awesome”, “You are the Best!” are some of the best used toggles which leave no stones unturned when it comes to expressing views.
  • They are generally not very colorful as they mainly depend upon texts rather than images to help users.
  • These toggles deal with various types of expression or feeling that an update can generate in the viewers and in the process they make sure there is no communicating gap between a set of users.

More and more Facebook Toggles are coming up quite regularly with enhanced deigns to improve the mode of communication between the members of the Facebook community and adding new flavor to the expressiveness.

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