Adore – FREE icons set

14/10/2013 Posted in Icons

Adore - FREE icons set

Icons are the most essential designing component that helps users navigate through websites and applications. Often users tend to get distracted or misled by poorly designed icons, which indirectly affect the popularity of a website or applications. Icons are not only significant for providing seamless navigation through a website or application but they are also important for determining the overall design. The icons need to be in perfect harmony with the rest of the design components, so that users do not find anything amiss or out of placed while surfing through a website or application. Mac OS is a very interactive platform and in order to create application designs for this platform, the icons too need to be in sync with the overall design.

If you too are searching for high quality icon set then you can give Adore Free Icons set a try as it is one the best to hit the market in recent times. The Adore Free Icons set is the perfect for creating alluring website and application designs. The best thing about this icon set is that it can be easily tweaked to suit a variety of designing needs. You can download these icons and use them to create highly professional designs for your customer or even for your personal projects.

Here are some of the features that provide Adore Free Icons Set a definite edge over the others:

  • Adore Free Icons set is manifestation of the latest designing trends prevailing in the market
  • You can download and make changes to the icons according to your designing project
  • It is absolutely free

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