Light and Dark Pagination

12/09/2012 Posted in Pagination

Light and Dark Pagination

Pagination in a website enables the visitors to easily navigate and access the various web pages and ensures the users to visit the complete information about the site. Luckily, there are light and dark pagination available handy in the internet that could make the navigation process easier in your websites.

A good pagination not only makes the website more interactive and successful but also adds value to the SEO (Search Engine optimization) of your site. Basically, the pagination part is the most challenging task while creating a website as it can affect the entire functionality of your site.

Importance of Light and Dark Pagination

Most of the users concentrate on the overall looks of a website rather than the navigation part and in case the navigation fields are poor, there would not be enough traffic for your site as the visitors may find it difficult to go through the entire web pages. Pointless pagination must be totally avoided in a webpage which can lead to too many scrolls and clickings. Make sure to use the light and dark pagination to your webpage in order to attract more visitors.

There should be appropriate menus and navigational points in each web page since the visitors might get irritated if there are no proper paginations in your site. At the same time, it is important to implement the pagination in a sensible way as it can affect the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

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